Devon’s most beautiful mooring location

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These are swinging moorings, just upstream from Newton Ferrers. They are floating at all states of the tide (under adverse conditions, on exceptional spring tides they may just touch for an hour, although the bottom is safe, soft mud).

There are also a handful of fore-and-aft moorings that dry on springs, though remain afloat on neap tides. These are suitable only for bilge keelers, catamarans or flat bottoms (these are slightly cheaper).

The basic annual cost is £40 per foot. This is payable in January, when an annual licence is granted. There is a 20 foot minimum fee.

The mooring gear. The system we have here is that the licence holder is the owner of the mooring gear (low profile concrete block, ground chain, nylon riser, shackles, thimbles, buoys etc.).

Let’s say that Joe Bloggs is vacating his mooring and it is suitable for your boat. You would need to pay him for the mooring gear.

Local Mooring contractors, River Yealm Mooring Services Ltd ( will lift and value the mooring equipment relevant to its current value at that time, you will then be provided with a breakdown of how that value was achieved.

This sum is payable by you to Mr Bloggs. In addition, River Yealm Mooring services may have to do remedial work to get the mooring gear into serviceable condition.

The better maintained the mooring has been, the more you pay Mr Bloggs, the less remedial work is needed. Conversely, if Mr Bloggs has been neglectful in keeping it maintained, the less you would pay him, but the remedial work bill would be higher which will be undertaken at time of valuation so you are able to use it straight away.

At the end of this process, you are the outright owner of the mooring gear.
If you leave, the same process comes into play, with you assuming the role of our hypothetical Mr Bloggs.

Harbour dues. The Harbour Authority will clobber you for harbour dues. These are £26.40 for the first 11 feet, and then £6.60 for each additional foot!

Access to the mooring. You can keep a dinghy on the public pontoon which is downstream of the moorings (approx £25 to Harbour Authority) by the Harbour Office. Alternatively, you can keep a dinghy at Steer Point in Brixton for £100 (maximum length 11ft). The limited facilities are a communal trolley, a slipway (inaccessible at the bottom of spring tides) and a field to park your car in. This is just upstream of the moorings at the confluence of the main estuary and Cofflete Creek.

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Any boats from 15 – 50 ft – subject to availability.